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2015 Medal Winners

Congratulations to the following candidates have won Bronze or Silver medals for their success in grade examinations in 2015. For award criteria, see the Criteria for Medals on the Recognition page.


Music Centres


Bronze        Alexandra Dobson (Harp Grade 3)

Silver          Lily Mie Horner (Pedal Harp Grade 6)



Bronze        Keeley O’Connor (Clarinet Grade 1)

Silver          Fitz Hadley (Jazz Saxophone Grade 7)



Bronze        Sebastian Woods (Orch Perc Grade Three); Dannie Cai (Piano Grade Three)

Silver          Gaviru Devendra (Orch Perc Grade Six); Hainian Yu (Singing Grade Six)


Northern Rivers

Bronze        Tyler Widdowson (Guitar Grade 2)

Silver          Jordan Jantschulev (Piano Grade 6)


Sunshine Coast

Bronze        Tate Cassells (Trombone Grade 3)

Silver          Tyler Keen (Drum Kit Grade 6)



Bronze        Gianni Adcock (Trombone Grade 3)

Silver          Carolyn Lloyd-Doolan (Singing Grade 8)


Drama Centres



Bronze        Eliza Fennell (Performance Arts Grade 3)

Silver          Harmony Gordon (Musical Theatre Grade 6)



Bronze        Isabelle Treasure (Speech & Drama Grade 2)

Silver          Benjamin Olds (Ind Acting Skills Grade 8)



Bronze        Timothy Greig (Individual Acting Skills Grade 5)

Silver          Stella Hutchins (Musical Theatre Grade 7)



Bronze        Nikita Di Palma (Speech & Drama – Grade 5)

Silver          Jia-Ping Yeung (Communication Skills – Grade 8)


Gold Coast

Bronze        Luke Andrew Harrison (Speech & Drama Grade 2)

Silver          Nicholas Bradshaw (Individual Acting Skills Grade 8)



Bronze        William Lynch (Speech & Drama Grade 2)

Silver          Honor Douglas (Speech & Drama Grade 6)



Bronze        Sienna Bree Brown (Musical Theatre Grade 5)

Silver          Sofia Lauren Nolan (Musical Theatre Grade 8)



Bronze        Taia Louise Favale (Speech & Drama Grade 5)

Silver          Rose Mary-Ruth Ioannou (Speech & Drama Grade 7)


Other centre details will be uploaded when available.

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