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Digital Grades and Diplomas – Update

Trinity’s Digital Grades and Diploma exams open for booking next month, and we will be publishing the full syllabuses on the website over the next two weeks. We will let you know when these are available to download. In the meantime, we have provided some updated information on our website, detailing the requirements for these exams.

The qualifications require candidates to submit a continuous, unedited performance video. Here is a summary of what candidates in each subject need to prepare.

Classical and Jazz 

  • Three pieces (four for higher grades singing) from the repertoire lists in the Classical and Jazz syllabus
  • The same technical work options as in a face-to-face exam

Rock & Pop 

  • A song selected from the Rock & Pop book for the grade
  • A second song that can be selected from the Rock & Pop book for the grade or the candidate’s own composition
  • A technical focus song from the Rock & Pop book for the grade

Music Performance Diploma 

  • A recital according to the parameters defined in the syllabus
  • Written programme


  • Prepared pieces
  • Reflections on performance work
  • Supporting tests – further information to be published on the website shortly

Syllabus specifications will go live over the next two weeks and shortly after we will provide detailed guidance on filming performances, plus further support for teachers.

Communication Skills

Please note that Communication Skills will not be available through this platform. Further information about these exams will be available on our website shortly.

For further information, visit trinitycollege.com/dgd.

Kind regards,

Trinity College London

Digital Grades and Diplomas

Trinity College London has announced the launch of a new Digital Grades and Diploma platform that will allow students to take their music and drama exams remotely from November 2020.

This is welcome news after a summer in which coronavirus restrictions led to huge demand for a way to take music exams online, and the new solution from Trinity is set to put teachers and students back in control of their progress.

From November, the Digital Grades and Diploma exams platform will allow candidates to submit video recordings of their work. Candidates will be required to upload their work as one continuous video performance, which will be assessed by one of Trinity’s Examiners.

In Music Graded Exams, candidates will be required to upload a performance of their pieces and technical work; the assessment of the supporting tests or session skills will not be part of the submission. Instead, examiners will be applying an additional set of performance criteria that assesses the key musical skills underpinning the supporting tests requirements within the context of the whole recital. In Music Performance Diplomas, the exam requirements are unchanged. In Drama Graded Exams and Performance Diplomas, adaptations will be made to the supporting tests, details of which will be made available shortly.

At this time the Digital Grades and Diplomas will be available for solo grades only; we are working on a solution for Drama Group and Pair exams that will be available in the next release. More details for Communication Skills, and the adaptations to all of the syllabuses, will be made available on our website shortly.

We will be in touch between now and November to provide further updates and details about the platform and how to use it and look forward to helping you and your students’ progress with exams.

For further information, please visit trinitycollege.com/dgd.


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