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Drama & Speech

Trinity College London offers an unrivalled choice of qualifications for students and teachers of drama and speech subjects, at all levels of experience and ability.

Our syllabuses provide a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time. And our solo and pair graded exams and diplomas are fully accredited in the UK and recognised internationally in many other countries.

Exams can be taken by individuals, pairs or groups. Study strands include Speech and Drama, Individual Acting Skills, Group Performance, Choral Speaking, Communication Skills, Musical Theatre and Performance Arts.

Candidates enjoy an entirely free choice of repertoire in all examinations, and we actively encourage you to explore the literature and drama of your own culture.


A wide range of study options are available within our Drama & Speech subjects syllabuses. Teachers and candidates can choose the most appropriate subject area and level for the abilities of individual candidates, pairs or groups.



We offer a comprehensive range of diplomas designed to enable students, performers, teachers, directors and other drama practitioners to develop their skills at an advanced level.



Our examinations are known throughout the world, and are officially recognised by educational authorities in many countries. Our solo and pair graded examinations and our diplomas are accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England, and its respective partners in Wales and Northern Ireland. Grades 6-8 are formally recognised within the UCAS Tariff for entry to UK higher education.

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