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Grade & Certificate Examinations

Graded examinations may be taken in the following subjects:

  • Acting and Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Musical Theatre
  • Performance Arts

All these subjects are available at three levels:

  • Foundation ( Grades 1-3 )
  • Intermediate ( Grades 4-5 )
  • Advanced ( Grades 6-8 )

In addition, Performance Certificates may be taken at four levels:

  • Young Performers (pre Grade 1; up to age 7)
  • Foundation ( post Grade 3 )
  • Intermediate ( post Grade 5 )
  • Advanced ( post Grade 8 )

All successful candidates in the Grade and Certificate examinations receive certificates showing their level of achievement as Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Teachers, candidates, and parents are advised to be aware of and explore all the options available within the Trinity College London Grade and Certificate Drama and Speech Subjects Syllabus before entering candidates, in order to choose the best possible subject area for the abilities of individual candidates or groups.


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