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Music Certificate Exams

Certificate exams consist of a performance of pieces without the assessment of Technical Work or Supporting Tests. They are available for the majority of instruments at 3 levels


Approximate Grade equivalent

Foundation Certificate

Grade 3

Intermediate Certificate

Grade 5  (or pre-2007 First Concert Certificate)

Advanced Certificate

Grade 8  (or pre-2007 Performer’s Certificate)

Each exam requires a performance of pieces in accordance with a time duration

Certificate Exam Programme duration* (minutes) Exam duration (minutes)
Foundation 8-10 13
Intermediate 15-20 23
Advanced 25-30 33

* This time limit refers to the total duration of all the pieces performed, including breaks between movements but does not include:

  • Arrival/departure time
  • Setting up
  • Tuning
  • Breaks or pauses between items


Own choice repertoire is permitted – click here for details from Trinity’s London website.

Presentation skills are assessed, including programme planning and notes

There are no Supporting Tests or Technical Work


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