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Diploma Programme Approval

Performance diplomas are a central feature of Trinity’s music offering, providing a pathway to professional musicianship, and the facility to have an own-choice programme approved by an expert is seen as a strength of the Trinity approach.

We have now developed a new online portal to help streamline the approvals process. The new customer journey is similar to before, but with significant automated improvements, quicker response times and a better customer experience. Key features of the new portal (https://approval.trinitycollege.co.uk) include:

  • Modern design: responsive, with clear display for desktop, tablet or mobile devices
  • Repertoire: select easily from all 3500+ items in the new lists, with the opportunity to specify movements and upload scans of own-choice pieces
  • Auto-approval: any items containing listed repertoire only, or items which have previously been approved, will be auto-approved, saving further time
  • Exceptions: the system will not allow ineligible submissions e.g. more than one piece for piccolo or alto flute.

A video to help you familiarise yourself with the new portal can be found below.

Please note that only one copy of the approval letter is required, which should be printed and brought to the exam. There is no longer any requirement to attach the approval letter with the exam entry.

We hope you welcome the new system and the improvements it offers, and look forward to your feedback.


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