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Diploma Programme Approval

Approval of ‘own choice’ repertoire

N.B. This is now processed using a new online form. Please ensure you have read the guidelines below and in the syllabus and then click here to submit a programme for approval.

Candidates for Recital and Pro-Music Performance diplomas can apply for approval of programmes which contain ‘own choice’ repertoire, that is, repertoire not listed in the diploma syllabus. Programme Approval considers only the technical and musical difficulty of the programme; all other aspects are assessed as part of the exam.

PLEASE NOTE: The process of programme approval can take at least 6 weeks.

To apply for approval please follow these instructions:

  1. Before you decide on your programme, check each own choice item carefully against the current Trinity College London Grade and Certificate syllabuses. Any item currently set for any of our Grade 1-8 or any Certificate examination may not be submitted and will not be approved.
  2. In approving your programme proposal we do not consider either timing or balance so please be sure to check these two aspects carefully.
  3. Submit your programme using the online form by clicking here. Please remember to specify which movements of each work you wish to perform.
  4. The process of programme approval can take at least 6 weeks and can be up to 20 weeks if your programme needs to be adjusted
  5. If the proposal is accepted we will send you a permission notification via email. 1 copy should be attached to your entry form and another copy must be handed to the examiner at the start of the exam.
  6. If the proposal is not accepted we will send you an email specifying which piece(s) are not accepted and why. You may then send a revised proposal following these same guidelines.

Remember – We will not consider submissions of individual pieces or multiple applications for the same candidate. Each candidate may send in only one complete programme for approval.

We cannot accept responsibility if you enter an examination without prior approval of a programme. Therefore you are strongly advised not to enter until your programme has been approved.


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