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Ensemble and Choral Certificate Exams

In order to encourage the co-operative skills essential for the development of a well-rounded musician, Trinity College London offers assessments for ensembles at three levels:

  • Foundation Certificate (FR) or Foundation Choral Certificate (FCC)
  • Intermediate Certificate (IR) or Intermediate Choral Certificate (IRC)
  • Advanced Certifcate (AR) or Advanced Choral Certificate (ACC)

Ensemble performances can be a good way to open or close a session of solo examinations taken by individual students of one or more teachers or within a school entry. Provided that ensembles have repertoire of the appropriate level of difficulty and, as long as the examination centre can accommodate the performers adequately, there is no restriction on the nature or size of ensembles.

Any ensemble of two or more players and/or singers may be entered, except in the case of Piano-Six Hands, for which a syllabus already exists, and which should be entered under its own subject code. Duos will be accepted, except in cases where standard grade examinations already exist (such as most single-line instruments with piano, or piano duet). Choirs should enter for Choral Certificates.

No repertoire or song lists are provided for ensemble exams except in Rock & Pop exams, though repertoire should be chosen in line with the guidelines set out for solo Certificate examinations. Each part may be played by one player, as in chamber music, or by multiple performers according to the suitability of the music. For example, a guitar quartet might be performed by four, eight or even twelve players. Players may change instruments between pieces if they wish, but no extra credit will be given for performing on more than one instrument.

A special Ensemble Entry Form, downloadable from the right hand side of this page, obtainable from Local Area Representatives or from Trinity’s London office, must be used for each ensemble. Each must be given a name (e.g. ‘The Proctor Quartet’) which will be printed on the report form and certificate. Detailed instructions are given on the form.

A candidate’s teacher may not take part in an ensemble examination except as a conductor.

Programme durations are as detailed for Solo Certificates.


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